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New "Free" Building at Transfer Station.

After the former free-for-the-taking tent collapsed several years ago, the select board was reluctant to buy another temporary structure that in its prime only did a mediocre job of protecting the contents. Ideas were tossed around but then the pandemic hit and it was put on the back burner. But people didn't forget how much they liked the tent and repeated inquiries from many residents prompted the select board to approve the purchase of a more permanent building that will provide good protection and has the potential to be used year round.

If you are not familiar with the free-for-the-taking tent building, it started many years ago when transfer station users who had an item just too good for the dumpster, set the item out beside the dumpster where more often than not, someone who could use it would pick it up. Naturally this became a messy pile when the weather turned and eventually the transfer station attendants acquired a temporary shelter (referred to as the "tent") for these items. It quickly became a popular attraction at the transfer station. Whether you are looking for a "find" or just hate to throw that perfectly good blender into the dumpster just because someone bought you a new one, or the toy your child rarely used and has outgrown, visiting the building can be a rewarding experience.

The free building does not accept clothing, computers, printers, TVs, or large appliances. Please bring only clean, lightly used items to the tent. And take with you anything that catches your fancy!

The new building is 14' wide by 20' deep. It is equipped with an overhead door in the rear for versatility and convenience. Two windows on each side as well as in the doors, provide natural light (there is no electricity at the transfer station). Screens in the windows and roof vents provide ventilation. The building was ordered from Hill View Mini Barns and cost $10,631 delivered. These funds came from the transfer station improvement fund which is funded by the purchase of vouchers for the disposal of demolition debris.
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