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Please fill out the application and submit it to the code enforcement office no later than 3 days prior to the fireworks event.

The code enforcement officer will notify you when the permit has been approved. All permits are subject to fire conditions and it is the applicant's responsibility to check the conditions by clicking here. If the fire danger is high or above or if it rains on your scheduled date, the permit will be good for the next evening, fire conditions permitting. Waterford is located in Zone 9.

Town of Waterford
Use of Consumer Fireworks

Approved by voters March 3, 2018

1.    Purpose: The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce fire danger, limit detrimental effects of firework noise that can cause harm to humans and animals and mitiogate adverse environmental impacts.
2.    Definitions:
         a.    Consumer fireworks are as defined by State of Maine statutes.
3.    Use of fireworks is prohibited in the Town of Waterford when the Maine Forest Service declares the fire danger to be level 3 or higher.
4.    Use of fireworks is allowed in the Town of Waterford on July 4th, the Saturday prior to July 4th and the Saturday after July 4th until 10 p.m.
5.    On all other days, use of consumer fireworks in the Town of Waterford requires a permit. The Town of Waterford Board of Selectmen, or other designate, shall establish and maintain a permitting process, including fees (if any), fines, forms and communication