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Town Office windows closed for the winter! Please use side door.

Throughout the summer, access to the town office was limited to the walk-up windows. With the exception of the occasional stormy day, this system worked well but it clearly was a solution that was practical only in the warmer months. As the summer waned and fall temperatures encroached, it was uncomfortable for those on both sides of the windows. Brainstorming sessions between the office staff and selectmen resulted in several possible solutions including the addition of a temporary porch-type structure that would enclose the area outside the windows, access to the lobby area with plexiglass to protect the office staff, and opening the vestibule on the southerly end of the building up to the public and building a service window in the interior door.

Randy Lessard, the Chair of the Board of Selectmen, salvaged an office door from another building and retrofitted it to meet the need, including a plexiglass window with a slotted opening and an interior latch. This enabled the original door to be removed and stored so that it can be put back into service, post-pandemic.

For safety and privacy (especially during voting!), town officials ask that only one party at a time be in the vestibule. If someone is in the vestibule when you arrive, please wait (in your vehicle if preferred) until they leave.