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Dec 18

Planning Board
December 18, 2019

The December Planning Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. In attendance were Bruce Sanborn, Ray Merrill, Ted Gerber, Charles Tarbell, Recording Secretary Cindy Kimball, Chairman Colin Holme and Code Enforcement Officer Bill Haynes.

The first item on the agenda was a review of the November minutes. A spelling correction and word change were made. Bruce made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Ray seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 in favor.

Second on the agenda was Steven Mohr representing Maine Camps LLC with a shoreland zoning application for 3-season camp on Jewett Pond. A second camp outside SLZ was noted but will be approved separately by the CEO. The camps will share a common driveway but have separate septic systems. Plumbing Inspector Prentiss Kimball has approved the plumbing permits. Mohr said his intent is to make the camps look like they have been on the property for a long time, blending in with the current vegetation and land. He does not plan to cut back the tree line and all setbacks have been taken into consideration. Colin noted the application is thorough and clearly presented. Bruce made a motion to accept the application as presented. Charles seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 in favor. The $92 application fee was submitted and the PB members signed the application.

The next item on the agenda was Jeff Hadley Jr. regarding acreage on the corner of Sweden Road and Ben Hale Road. He said the property has 3½ acres on the westerly side of the Ben Hale Road and 53 acres on the easterly side The Ben Hale Road intersecting the property. He wants to know if the two parcels are considered one piece of property with the road intersecting it. Records show the road existing prior to 1971 and thus there are two parcels. Jeff noted he has a potential buyer for the smaller piece.

The next item on the agenda was a continuation of last month's proposed ordinance changes. The PB members agreed that the following changes should be made and presented at a Public Hearing next month:
          1.       Accessory apartments - the conversion of single family dwellings located on and that meet dimensional lot requirements can be converted into a duplex dwelling or add an accessory apartment over a garage or other existing accessory structure. An above garage apartment wouldn't change its footprint but would require a kitchen, plumbing and possibly a separate septic system.
          2.       The PB shall not conduct site inspections when there is more than one foot of snow on the ground.
          3.       Subdivision preliminary plan submission requirements would be the applicant's responsibility to contact the Fire Chief, Superintendent of Schools, and Road Commissioner requesting input to their department's capacity to serve the subdivision at least 14 days by certified mail return receipt requested.
          4.       The applicant of a subdivision shall notify in writing all abutting property owners the intent for the proposed subdivision.
          5.       The applicant of a subdivision shall submit 7 copies of the preliminary plan at least two weeks prior to the regularly scheduled PB meeting.
          6.       Home occupation signage size will change from 8 square feet to 16 square feet and it must be located outside of the road right-of-way.
          7.       After the fact permit applications will be charge five time the standard permit fee.
          8.       A final plan for subdivision shall be submitted on white, 20 pound paper and shall include a register's block no smaller than 3" by 3" for recording the necessary details.

Colin and Bill will work on the wording of the items and will send out by email to the PB members for review before the Public Hearing at 6:30 p.m. on January 15.

The next item was a continuation of the dock discussion. Charlie shared a proposed dock permit application, which includes dock placement and installation guidelines. The changes with dock length, width, setbacks and winter storage are only in this application, not a change in the dock ordinance. The application will also require a $25 permit fee. The PB discussed setbacks and concerns for corner lots and narrow lots.

Next on the agenda Colin noted it was time for election of officials. A motion was made to keep current officers; Chairman Colin Holme, Vice Chair Bruce Sanborn, Secretary Charles Tarbell and regular voting members Ray Merrill and Ted Gerber and Recording Secretary Cindy Kimball. Ted seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 in favor.

Bruce made a motion to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. Ray seconded the motion and the vote was 5-0 in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Kimball