Waterford, Maine

Springer's now Brisson's Trading Post

After a nearly six-year gap, Springer’s Store in East Waterford is on its way to becoming Brisson’s Trading Post.

Geoffrey Brisson, his  fiancé Sushi and parents Bob and Alexandra have purchased the iconic brookside building from David Springer of Pennsylvania and are gearing up for a mid-summer opening. It will be a family-run general store and café.

Brisson's Trading Post

New Springer’s Store owners Geoffrey Brisson, his fiancé Kseniya Tayts (Sushi) and mother Alexandra Brisson.

Geoffrey said he plans for a soft opening June 1 as they navigate their way through the maze of required state permits. They are eagerly awaiting a series of inspections, prerequisites to the needed permits.

Meanwhile, the menu is in the development stage.

“We will have a board up so people can post what they’d like to see and give us their suggestions,” Geoffrey said. Plans are to be fully open by late summer and remain open year-round.

Once permits have been issued, “we plan to roll out with as many services as we can offer.” The store will feature the usual offerings including beer and wine. They haven’t settled on food choices but it will definitely include pastries.

The Brissons, who found the property online from Florida, plan to remove the gas tanks that were installed in 1998.

Dan and Joy Smith closed the doors to Springer’s Store on Sept. 9, 2011 after eight years of operation.

They had opened in the fall of 2003 around Thanksgiving and operated nearly continuously except for a couple of winter closings.

Joy’s brother, David Springer, bought the property on Oct. 7, 2002 from Jonathan and Dori Longley, who bought it for $25,000 at a Sept. 1, 2000 auction. The purchase came shortly after the Longleys bought Beanie’s Diner (more recently Pop’s) a mile away on Rt. 118 and leased it. Pop’s closed in 2009 and can never be a restaurant again because of its proximity to Crooked River and the amount of time that passed.

Waterford’s shoreland zoning ordinance does not allow for new businesses to be established in the 250-foot zone. There is a five-year sunset on closed businesses but a one-year extension may be granted by the planning board.

Springer’s Store was facing that deadline on Sept. 9 last year but David Springer requested and was granted the extension in August.

Source: Mutiny Brook Times - Issue 116

Spinger's Store

Springer’s Store as it looked back in the days when it housed the East Waterford Post Office.